Safety Analysis Report (SAR) of topside drilling BOP

MAR Consulting expertise was used to perform a safety analysis report (SAR) and SIL compliance verification of the safety instrumented functions on the topside drilling BOP stack. As part of this effort, a FMECA was performed for the BOP (FMECA of topside BOP and control system · MAR Consulting). NORSOK D-001 “Drilling facilities” and NORSOK D-010 “Well integrity in drilling and well operations” describe the well barriers used during drilling. Drilling BOPs require strategies and principles for design, operation, and maintenance since they are defined as part of a barrier. The objective is that the barrier will function as required […]

FSA stage 1 of subsea well intervention system

MAR consulting AS performed a functional safety assessment (FSA) stage 1 of a subsea riser less well intervention system. The system will have two SIL2 safety instrumented functions (SIF), based on the Norwegian Oil and Gas Association (guideline 070) and IEC standards (61508 and 61511): One emergency shutdown (ESD); One emergency quick disconnect (EQD). Following IEC 61508/61511 safety lifecycle, stage 1 covered: Hazard analysis; Allocation of safety functions to protection layers; Initial version of safety requirement specifications (SRS); Management of functional safety and verification and validation. Documentation was readily available to demonstrate compliance with functional safety requirements at this stage of […]

Functional safety technical support to jack-up drilling rig upgrade

MAR Consulting AS has been contracted to provide functional safety support to a jack-up drilling rig update of a major drilling contractor. The drilling rig will enter a new contract on the Norwegian Continental Shelf (NCS), where requirements for functional safety are considerably stringent when compared to other parts of the world. MAR Consulting will support the client to achieve a level of functional safety adequate to operate a drilling rig on the NCS. MAR Consulting has extensive experience with Norwegian rules and regulations regarding functional safety. Namely the Norwegian Oil and Gas Association (NOG) “Application of IEC 61508 and IEC […]