Functional safety specialist LNG project in Germany

MAR Consulting will support an Engineering, Procurement, and Construction (EPC) contractor for a Liquified Natural Gas (LNG) production site in Germany. The position is functional safety specialist engineer. The plant will receive bio-methane of controlled origin directly from the gas distribution network. Downstream, the plant will process the gas to supply heavy-duty transport across the country. The project is currently in its initial phase. Hence, MAR Consulting will provide expert knowledge in all phases of the LNG project. Until final commissioning and delivery to the operator. Work tasks are mainly preparation of main SIL related documentation. Such as SRS, SIL […]

Electrical SAFOP E-HAZOP LNG project

MAR Consulting AS facilitated online a 7-day electrical safety and operability (SAFOP / E-HAZOP) analysis for a new liquified natural gas (LNG) development in the USA. SAFOP is also often referred to as an electrical hazard and operability (E-HAZOP) analysis. However, besides the technical system operability study, it can also include a more classical hazard identification (HAZID) and an operator task analysis. In this project, the client required system operability and a HAZID to identify potential hazards on the electrical design of the LNG plant. An operator task analysis was not included since the project was just entering the detailed […]

Electrical SAFOP (EHAZOP) of US eLNG plant

MAR Consulting AS facilitated an electrical safety and operability (SAFOP or EHAZOP) analysis of a unique North American liquified natural gas (LNG) plant. The LNG plant is being expanded with electric motor-driven technology for liquefaction resulting in reduced emissions and eco-friendly operations. An electrical SAFOP consists of hazard identification and safety analysis; system operability; and operator task analysis of the electrical systems in the plant. It is performed in workshops (3-weeks duration) with the system and electrical engineers; construction and commissioning personnel; and operators.