TQP new part of multiphase meter (MPM)

MAR Consulting developed a Technology Qualification Plan (TQP), according to DNV-RP-A203, for a new part of a multiphase meter (MPM). The plan shows that performance criteria and all risks identified during a Failure Mode, Effects, and Criticality Analysis (FMECA) workshop have been addressed by choosing and applying suitable qualification methods. The outcome of related activities shows no degradation of the overall MPM metering performance but a successful measurement decoupling from downstream piping configurations, as intended.

Fire and explosion risk analysis for LNG driven power plant

MAR Consulting developed a Fire and Explosion Risk Analysis (FERA) for an LNG driven power plant during the design phase. The objective of the analysis was to provide a fire and explosion strategy for the power plant, based on the risk evaluation of fire and explosion hazard scenarios. The strategy is one input to provide decision support for design modifications. The risk evaluation used a separate quantitative risk assessment (QRA) study for major accident hazards, including fire and explosion.

Nuclear industry risk identification – contract extension

MAR Consulting AS received a contract extension to perform hazard identification (HAZID) and operability analysis with regards to worker safety in a major new build in Lund, Sweden. The new build will be a European nuclear research facility. Further responsibilities include oxygen deficient hazard (ODH) analysis and defining processes, rules, guidelines, and procedures for risk identification, analysis, evaluation and treatment within the facility during design, manufacturing and installation phases. https://www.marconsulting.no/2017/11/27/new-contract-in-nuclear-industry/