EHAZOP wind power onshore station

MAR Consulting performed an Electrical Hazard and Operability (EHAZOP) analysis of an electrical onshore station for a major OEM. The station receives power generated from offshore wind turbines (North Sea). The project was in the basic design phase, entering detailed design. Objectives of the EHAZOP The objectives were to: Evaluate the electric design with regards to safety and operability to avoid accidents and incidents; Ensure that design is fit for purpose and provides sufficient reliability, availability, and maintainability; Identify areas of improvement. Scope of the EHAZOP for wind power onshore station The E-HAZOP covered the high-power transmission and auxiliary systems. […]

Electrical SAFOP E-HAZOP LNG project

MAR Consulting AS facilitated online a 7-day electrical safety and operability (SAFOP / E-HAZOP) analysis for a new liquified natural gas (LNG) development in the USA. SAFOP is also often referred to as an electrical hazard and operability (E-HAZOP) analysis. However, besides the technical system operability study, it can also include a more classical hazard identification (HAZID) and an operator task analysis. In this project, the client required system operability and a HAZID to identify potential hazards on the electrical design of the LNG plant. An operator task analysis was not included since the project was just entering the detailed […]

CHAZOP of control system on electrical power plant

MAR Consulting facilitated and documented a 2-day computer and control system HAZOP (CHAZOP) and a what-if analysis for an electrical power plant in Aruba. Major upgrades to the control system (HMI, PLCs, and network) triggered the analysis, with the objectives to: ▪ Evaluate the control system design modifications with regards to safety and operability;▪ Eliminate or reduce the likelihood of accidents and incidents due to the control system design modifications;▪ Identify and recommend design improvements. A what-if/ CHAZOP is a systematic review of the design and operation of a control system. MAR Consulting conducted the study as a multidisciplinary workshop […]

Nuclear industry risk identification – contract extension

MAR Consulting AS received a contract extension to perform hazard identification (HAZID) and operability analysis with regards to worker safety in a major new build in Lund, Sweden. The new build will be a European nuclear research facility. Further responsibilities include oxygen deficient hazard (ODH) analysis and defining processes, rules, guidelines, and procedures for risk identification, analysis, evaluation and treatment within the facility during design, manufacturing and installation phases.