Functional safety specialist LNG project in Germany

MAR Consulting will support an Engineering, Procurement, and Construction (EPC) contractor for a Liquified Natural Gas (LNG) production site in Germany. The position is functional safety specialist engineer. The plant will receive bio-methane of controlled origin directly from the gas distribution network. Downstream, the plant will process the gas to supply heavy-duty transport across the country. The project is currently in its initial phase. Hence, MAR Consulting will provide expert knowledge in all phases of the LNG project. Until final commissioning and delivery to the operator. Work tasks are mainly preparation of main SIL related documentation. Such as SRS, SIL […]

PFD overpressure protection SIF on production header

MAR Consulting supported performing and documenting a Probability of Failure on Demand (PFD) calculation. Due to the addition of new wells to the offshore producing platform in the Norwegian Continental Shelf (NCS), an hazard analysis identified a potential overpressure scenario. The production header has mechanical protection (relief valves) and a Safety Instrumented Function as a redundant barrier. Hence, MAR Consulting calculated the average PFD for this low demand Safety Instrumented Function (SIF). The PFD, when compared to the required risk reduction for this scenario, is acceptable for a number of new wells.

Mini-FSA stage 3 equipment for an SPS

MAR Consulting performed a functional safety assessment (FSA) stage 3 for an engineering contractor and equipment supplier to a subsea production system (SPS). The SPS will be installed and operated in the Norwegian Continental Shelf (NCS). The equipment designed by the engineering company constituted the boundary for the FSA. The equipment is similar to the SPS currently in production in the tie-in field. Hence, the FSA focused mainly on installation, commissioning, and validation activities. MAR Consulting acted as an independent assessor to the project. The objectives were to ensure the equipment is fit for the safety instrumented functions; and is […]

Safety Analysis Report (SAR) of topside drilling BOP

MAR Consulting expertise was used to perform a safety analysis report (SAR) and SIL compliance verification of the safety instrumented functions on the topside drilling BOP stack. As part of this effort, a FMECA was performed for the BOP (FMECA of topside BOP and control system · MAR Consulting). NORSOK D-001 “Drilling facilities” and NORSOK D-010 “Well integrity in drilling and well operations” describe the well barriers used during drilling. Drilling BOPs require strategies and principles for design, operation, and maintenance since they are defined as part of a barrier. The objective is that the barrier will function as required […]

Functional safety study of inlet overpressure protection system (IOPS)

MAR Consulting assisted in performing a functional safety study of the inlet overpressure protection system (IOPS) for a platform operating offshore in the Norwegian Continental Shelf (NCS). The operator requires an additional barrier due to modifications. The scope of work includes the proposed concept redesign of the IOPS to accommodate potential overpressure hazards as a result of topside modifications in the platform. The focus was on functional safety aspects from a holistic perspective, as opposed to process safety aspects. Systematic integrity and software compliance were out of scope for this assignment. The objectives of the IOPS functional safety study were […]

FMECA of topside BOP and control system

Introduction MAR Consulting facilitated and documented a Failure Modes, Effects and Criticality Analysis (FMECA) for a major operator, of a hydraulic and pneumatic control system in a topside drilling Blow-Out Preventer (BOP). The FMECA was part of the initiative to re-start drilling in a field in the Norwegian Continental Shelf (NCS). The BOP OEM updated the BOP with a shear boost upgrade, PLC upgrade, auxiliary readback pressure panels, and Managed Pressure Drilling (MPD) flowline function addition. Objective In addition to the failure analysis, the Safety Analysis Report (SAR) used the FMECA outcome to comply with functional safety rules and regulations […]

FSA stage 2 of SPS (subsea production system)

MAR Consulting performed a functional safety assessment (FSA) stage 2 for the operator of a subsea production system (SPS). The SPS will be installed and operated in the Norwegian Continental Shelf (NCS). The FSA also included the SIS lifecycle phases typically assessed in an FSA stage 1. The scope was the subsea development design and boundaries towards the topside on the host platform. The scope of the assessment excluded topside tie-in modifications. MAR Consulting acted as an independent assessor to ensure the design of the SIS meets the required risk reduction and is in compliance with the standards, Norwegian rules, […]

FSA stage 3 – artificial lift modification project

The main objective of a functional safety assessment (FSA) is to demonstrate compliance with related IEC functional safety standards through an independent assessment of the development process. Hence, the FSA process is a fundamental tool to ensure that the Safety Instrumented System (SIS) fulfills its requirements as an active barrier to reduce the risk to acceptable levels. At least one FSA is typically required during a project phase. Nevertheless, it is highly recommended to perform at least 2 FSAs in order to anticipate potential non-conformances in due time. The FSA team shall have some degree of independence to the project […]

FSA stage 1 of subsea well intervention system

MAR consulting AS performed a functional safety assessment (FSA) stage 1 of a subsea riser less well intervention system. The system will have two SIL2 safety instrumented functions (SIF), based on the Norwegian Oil and Gas Association (guideline 070) and IEC standards (61508 and 61511): One emergency shutdown (ESD); One emergency quick disconnect (EQD). Following IEC 61508/61511 safety lifecycle, stage 1 covered: Hazard analysis; Allocation of safety functions to protection layers; Initial version of safety requirement specifications (SRS); Management of functional safety and verification and validation. Documentation was readily available to demonstrate compliance with functional safety requirements at this stage of […]

FSA stage 2 of subsea production system

MAR Consulting will perfom a functional safety assessment (FSA) stage 2 of a subsea production system (SPS) bound to be installed and operate in the Norwegian Continental Shelf (NCS). The end client is the  company engineering the SPS. The contract is in effect immediately. FSA stage 2 focus on the design and engineering of the safety instrumented systems (SIS). In this case, there are two autonomous independent SIS aiming at reducing risks to acceptable levels. Furthermore, MAR Consulting will ensure that the assumptions and actions identified on the previous FSA (stage 1) were verified and acted upon. In addition, the client requested […]