EHAZOP of power plant concept

MAR Consulting performed an Electrical Hazard and Operability (EHAZOP) study of the electrical systems present in a power plant concept. Power Plant Concept The client wished to analyze a new power plant concept based on ultimate generation high-efficiency engines able to run on natural gas and heavy fuel oil. The engines are expected to run mostly on natural gas. Engine-based power generation will provide the flexibility necessary to counterbalance fluctuations caused by intermittent sources of energy into the grid, such as renewable energy sources. Objectives of the EHAZOP The EHAZOP focused on hazards potential resulting from the design, operation, and […]

Electrical SAFOP (EHAZOP) of US eLNG plant

MAR Consulting AS facilitated an electrical safety and operability (SAFOP or EHAZOP) analysis of a unique North American liquified natural gas (LNG) plant. The LNG plant is being expanded with electric motor-driven technology for liquefaction resulting in reduced emissions and eco-friendly operations. An electrical SAFOP consists of hazard identification and safety analysis; system operability; and operator task analysis of the electrical systems in the plant. It is performed in workshops (3-weeks duration) with the system and electrical engineers; construction and commissioning personnel; and operators.