HVAC system design review of FPSO lifetime extension

MAR Consulting facilitated a Design Review for the HVAC systems in a Floating Production, Storage and Offloading (FPSO) vessel, as part of lifetime extension modifications. The workshop was performed online with discipline experts from Engineering Contractors and Operator.

The workshop was structured as a qualitative analysis following a list of guidewords to make use of the multidisciplinary experience and knowledge of the participants. The objectives of the workshop were to:

  • Identify gaps towards Authorities rules & regulations and Client / project requirements;
  • Review the current design with regards to safety, operability, and maintainability, i.e., areas where it may represent a risk to personnel, equipment, or efficiency of operations; and
  • Identify areas or improve the current design.

The HVAC design review covered all areas covered with HVAC in the FPSO, namely:

  • Living quarters area;
  • Forward utility space;
  • Hull forward sections;
  • Aft crane pedestal;
  • Fore crane pedestal;
  • Aft machinery;
  • Aft;
  • Hull aft sections; and
  • Escape tunnel.

The main issues identified which could impact the project were:

  • Missing essential documentation such a area classification and air flow diagrams;
  • No redundancy for critical equipment (such as heating, cooling units) potentially resulting in production loss due to non-compliance with working environment, equipment design specifications, or
  • creating hazardous scenarios in case of failure;
  • Areas supplied and extracted by different ventilation units.

MAR Consulting guided the participants through the design review in a multidisciplinary workshop. For that purpose, MAR Consulting developed a specific methodology to meet the study objectives. To successfully facilitate this review, it requires a broad understanding and deep knowledge about the different systems discussed, in addition to facilitation skills. At MAR Consulting, we have been focusing on developing our skills of online facilitation of complex and special-purpose workshops with large audiences, to bring the most value to our clients. Please contact us if you need support to perform design reviews or studies of similar systems.

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