Availability of LV concept for wind power substation

MAR Consulting supported the development of an availability study of a new concept for low voltage (LV) power supply to auxiliary systems in offshore wind substations. The concept proposed includes less redundancy. Therefore, it is essential to understand how it may impact the availability of the LV wind power substation.

The substation’s main objective is to transmit offshore wind power to the onshore grid. For this purpose, auxiliary systems are essential to maintain the substation operationally capable. Failure of power to auxiliary systems such as cooling pumps, etc results in the inability to transmit power to shore.

It was concluded that the concept proposed does not significantly affect the overall availability of the auxiliary LV supply. All while simplifying the design and reducing CAPEX and OPEX. The results are based on realistic assumptions validated with the client,

At MAR Consulting we have extensive experience with reliability, availability, and maintainability (RAM) analysis of electrical and process systems in different industries. Should you have the need for RAM studies of complex electrical or process systems, do not hesitate to contact us.

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