Internal design review wind power offshore platform

MAR Consulting facilitated an online internal system design review for an electrical offshore platform. The platform receives power generated from offshore wind turbines (North Sea) and transmits the power to shore. This is a follow-up to the E-HAZOP performed: EHAZOP offshore wind power transmission platform · MAR Consulting.

The main objective of the system design review of the wind power platform was to ensure that the system design is in accordance with the Authorities’ rules & regulations and the Client’s requirements. We focused on process safety, operation, maintenance, and interfaces to ensure the design of optimal solutions and that integrity is maintained towards other parts of the installation. The review also served as a preparation/pilot for the external contractual system design review with the end client/operator.

The following auxiliary systems were part of the scope of the design review:

  • Process systems;
  • HVA/C;
  • Safety systems;
  • Telecom systems;
  • Electrical systems;
  • Automation and instrument systems;
  • Operation & Maintenance / Material / Pressure Equipment Directive (PED);
  • Living quarters systems.

MAR Consulting guided the participants through the design review of the wind power platform in a multidisciplinary workshop guided. For that purpose, we developed a specific methodology to ensure the objectives were met. To successfully facilitate this review, it requires a broad understanding and deep knowledge about the different systems discussed, in addition to facilitation skills. At MAR Consulting, we have been focusing on developing our skills of online facilitation of complex and special-purpose workshops with large audiences, to bring the most value to our clients. Please contact us if you too need support with performing design reviews or studies of complex systems.

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