Electrical SAFOP E-HAZOP LNG project

MAR Consulting AS facilitated online a 7-day electrical safety and operability (SAFOP / E-HAZOP) analysis for a new liquified natural gas (LNG) development in the USA. SAFOP is also often referred to as an electrical hazard and operability (E-HAZOP) analysis. However, besides the technical system operability study, it can also include a more classical hazard identification (HAZID) and an operator task analysis.

In this project, the client required system operability and a HAZID to identify potential hazards on the electrical design of the LNG plant. An operator task analysis was not included since the project was just entering the detailed design phase.

Scope and objectives of the SAFOP / E-HAZOP for LNG project

The scope of work for the SAFOP included the electrical systems in the project, with the objectives to:

  • Assess and minimize potential hazards presented to personnel, environment, assets, and reputation in electrical installations during construction, commissioning, and operation;
  • Review of the integrity, operability, and maintainability of the electrical systems and assess any limitations and effects on operability and safety of the overall system;
  • Familiarization with the design, procedures, and limitations of the electrical systems.

Hazards identified

The team identified a number of hazards and risk ranked accordingly based on their experience, and following the client’s risk matrix. The main hazards identified were related to:

  • Arc flash, electrocution, or chemical burns due to contact with battery terminals or explosion;
  • Fire in battery rooms due to Hydrogen build-up;
  • Protruding duct banks nearby roads with vehicular access;
  • Jetty and main control room building busbar configurations not resilient to failures in the busbar or associated components; and not suitable for maintenance/interventions;
  • Blind zones on differential protection scheme;
  • Key interlocking mechanism;
  • Operator training.

MAR Consulting experience with SAFOP / E-HAZOP

MAR Consulting has extensive experience and knowledge on both electrical systems and safety and reliability engineering. This combination is essential to deliver value-added to our customers when facilitating and documenting SAFOP and E-HAZOP studies. Furthermore, MAR Consulting also has provided E-HAZOP courses for engineering companies. Please contact us if you require support in performing such a study.

Another example of an E-HAZOP delivered by MAR Consulting for an LNG plant: Electrical SAFOP (EHAZOP) of US eLNG plant · MAR Consulting.

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