Safety Analysis Report (SAR) of topside drilling BOP

MAR Consulting expertise was used to perform a safety analysis report (SAR) and SIL compliance verification of the safety instrumented functions on the topside drilling BOP stack. As part of this effort, a FMECA was performed for the BOP (FMECA of topside BOP and control system · MAR Consulting).

NORSOK D-001 “Drilling facilities” and NORSOK D-010 “Well integrity in drilling and well operations” describe the well barriers used during drilling. Drilling BOPs require strategies and principles for design, operation, and maintenance since they are defined as part of a barrier. The objective is that the barrier will function as required when necessary. The drilling BOP shall be constructed in accordance with NORSOK D-001, API 16A, API 16D, and API 53. In addition, NOROG guideline 070 defined the functional safety-related requirements for operating in the Norwegian Continental Shelf (NCS).

The work performed in this project (SAR and SIL compliance of topside drilling BOP) documents compliance with the functional safety requirements set forth in NOROG GL 070.

The safe state of the safety instrumented function is to shear items in bore (e.g. drill pipe, wireline, coiled tubing, production tubing and liners) and seal off the wellbore. As a result of the SAR and SIL compliance analysis, it was documented that the manual initiated BOP safety instrumented function complies with functional safety requirements set forth in NOROG GL 070 for BOP operation in the NCS.

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