CHAZOP of control system on electrical power plant

MAR Consulting facilitated and documented a 2-day computer and control system HAZOP (CHAZOP) and a what-if analysis for an electrical power plant in Aruba. Major upgrades to the control system (HMI, PLCs, and network) triggered the analysis, with the objectives to:

▪ Evaluate the control system design modifications with regards to safety and operability;
▪ Eliminate or reduce the likelihood of accidents and incidents due to the control system design modifications;
▪ Identify and recommend design improvements.

A what-if/ CHAZOP is a systematic review of the design and operation of a control system. MAR Consulting conducted the study as a multidisciplinary workshop with participants from relevant disciplines. Hence, the intention of the workshop was to leverage the experience and knowledge of the participants to find possible causes of process upsets due to control system failures. The causes form the basis for detailing hazardous scenarios, including an assessment of the frequencies and consequences of the outcomes. Consequently, the frequency and consequence give a direct indication of the associated risk level. The final report delivered to the client documented the recommendations for areas of improvement where risk targets were not met. In addition to the full recording of the discussions on appropriate worksheets.

The main issues identified were related to potential cyber-security vulnerabilities, communication to common cabinets, and dirty leak detection on older engines.

MAR Consulting specializes in safety, operability, maintainability of complex systems. Traditionally, these have not been approached by such systematically structured risk assessments. Other examples of work performed by MAR Consulting are: Cybersecurity hazard identification · MAR Consulting, Electrical SAFOP (EHAZOP) of US eLNG plant · MAR Consulting, Cyber-security assessment of SAS/ESD system · MAR Consulting, EHAZOP of power plant concept · MAR Consulting, Cyber-security assessment of FPSO IT/OT systems · MAR Consulting.

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