Functional safety assessment of automated safety system

MAR Consulting AS performed a functional safety assessment (FSA) stage 1 of a new emergency shutdown system (ESD). The reason for the upgrade is to substitute an obsolete automated safety system in an operating offshore oil and gas facility in the North Sea.

The safety instrumented system (SIS) lifecycles phases assessed in this FSA were:

  • hazard analysis;
  • allocation of safety functions to protection layers;
  • the initial version of safety requirement specifications (SRS);
  • management of functional safety plan and verification activities.

MAR Consulting followed the methodology developed based on hands-on functional safety experience (e.g. and In essence, a detailed evaluation of the available documentation was followed by interviews with key personnel to determine compliance with IEC61511 clauses. Special emphasis was on the requirements present in the new edition of IEC61511 for software development.


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